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Lain Ewing is a director whose work explores human connection through dark optimism, comedy, and redemption. She honed her skills while working at a movie studio in the Philippines and has since made her mark as a filmmaker. She is preparing for her upcoming short film, "Performance Review", a hilarious story about an assistant who accidentally consumes a pot brownie and has to lead a meeting. In June, her comedy short "Red Flags" will be showcased at the Dances With Films Los Angeles. Lain's previous work has received high praise and earned several awards, including Best Director at Marriott's 2019 CRN 48-Hour Film Challenge and Best Female Filmmaker at Austin International Art Festival. Furthermore, she has directed branded content for notable organizations such as YMCA, Yelp, and Anthem.

Currently, Lain is assistant to Director Kevin Bray (Succession, Insecure, Suits), assisting him on set and managing development for his overall deal with F.X. Outside of television, Lain is actively involved with the Women in Film (WIF) organization. She is passionate about volunteering with Homey-Made Meals and has directed live theatre for "Homeward LA," a project addressing the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles.

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